March 2020 SUPER SALE

March 2020 SUPER SALE

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The worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 is affecting us all. In these uncertain times we would like to extend a hand to you (virtually, while observing social distancing of course) and help a little by offering a site-wide sale with EVERYTHING at 25% off! 

The sale starts March 20, Friday morning and ends March 21, Saturday evening. 

Be sure to use your favorite ambassador's code, and connect with your ambassador if you are not sure what to order. If you don't have an ambassador, go look up @kairosfordogs on Instagram, or use the following code:



Remember to stay as calm as you can. Your pets will pick up on any stress you might have about the situation. CBD works great to soothe frayed nerves. So does walking or playing with your dog, or meditating, gardening, reading a book, staring at the clouds... Stay happy, stay healthy, and keep going! Even this crisis will be over eventually.

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