About Us

Simple healing foods and effective supplements for dogs. No hidden ingredients. No nonsense. Just foods we can feel good about. 

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Our Values

  • Improving the health of pets
  • Sustainable business practices
  • Making healthcare a daily practice
  • Treating our clients the same way we wish to be treated
  • Educate about nutrition
  • Collaborate, don't compete

Here at Kairos we are committed to our communities, to the environment and to sustainable business practices. All our herbs are of the highest quality and grown right here in the US. We use organic herbs, and where organic isn't available, sustainably wildcrafted herbs are substituted. After you order, the herbs are freshly packed and shipped via USPS within 24-48 hours. 

Our toppers and snacks use 100% grass fed beef organs and broth and organic vegetables. We don't use any sugar or sugar substitutes, not even dates in our recipes, because many diseases (but especially cancers) thrive on sugar.

Even though our herb recipes are time tested and very effective, we are constantly working with veterinarians and herbalists using the latest research in nutrition to bring you new products that keep you and your animals happy and healthy. 

Thank you for being a Kairos customer! 

About Our Team