Our Team

Susan Moore feeding herbs to horsesSusan Moore, CEO

(also Owner, CEGE, Project Manager, Herb Giver, Horse-, Dog- and Donkey Rescuer, and the person behind the idea of Pound for Pound Herbs®)

In the early 2000s, Susan Moore purchased herbs for her horses regularly from Chava Naturals (formerly Chamisa Ridge). When early in 2013, Susan learned that Chava Naturals was at risk of closing down, she realized she had an opportunity to help more animals and give back in the community, she decided to purchase the company. Knowing she would have to do a lot of shoveling by hand, she sold her tractor and used funds from her retirement to purchase the business. She has since added a line for dog herb mixes, freeze dried snacks for dogs, freeze dried meals on the go for dogs and protein hiking dog bars. 

She still is on the production line, manages orders, thinks about non-profit organizations to donate to, creates to-do lists, coordinates our team, dreams up new products, goes to expos... 

Sue keeps an eye on the big picture.

Karen Wegehenkel, Marketing and PR

With Kairos, Karen finally found a way to combine all her passions (graphic and website design, photography, playing with dogs, energy work) into one worthy cause! When she is not on the computer working on the next label or the newsletter, she can be found mixing herbs, or is out taking photos and playing with her puppy.

Karen keeps her focus on communicating Kairos' mission to the outside world.  


Monty the Security OfficerMonty, Security Officer

Monty has just joined Kairos from the Pawsitive Difference Pet Rescue in Las Vegas in late February 2018. As our security officer, he lets us know when people are arriving or leaving, when other dogs come onto the property, when horses or dogs or people leave their spots, when someone uses the bathroom.. He takes his job very seriously! 


Theo, Keeper of Peace

Theo is the most loving dog you will ever meet! His job is to cuddle with anyone who needs it. As a rescue dog he came with some health challenges and was put on a healthy diet and Kairos herbs immediately. Like Monty, he also came from the Pawsitive Difference Las Vegas Pet Rescue. 


Jypsy Pom-a-PooJypsy, Taste Tester

As a picky eater, Jypsy helps with the development and especially the palatability of new products. Still a developing puppy, she gets Kairos Herbs on a regular basis. Jypsy just loves people and wants to play with everyone! Any newcomers are announced joyfully and loudly.  

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