Join Our Kickstarter!

Join Our Kickstarter!

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Exciting News: Our cricket bar is finally ready!

kairos ecobar - crickets for dogs - kickstarterWe have been tweaking our recipe for the last months and are now ready to launch. This little bar has the potential to revolutionize dog nutrition.


Because crickets are low in fat, high in protein and rich in many vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, more than other protein sources. 

Eating crickets makes sense environmentally also: growing one pound of cricket takes one gallon of water, compared to 2500 gallons of water to grow one pound of beef. Crickets need a lot less space and feed too, and grow faster as well.

Our crickets are sustainably grown, roasted and ground. The powder smells good, and looks a little like brown sugar. Mixed with some veggies, herbs and flax seeds, it makes a complete meal replacement for your dog.

Ready to Learn More? 

Our kickstarter page has very detailed information about the project. 

Now We Need Your Help! 

Please help us spread the word. We have 20 days to get funded. Support tiers start at $10 and have some great rewards! 

by backing us and sharing our kickstarter with your friends, family and on your social networks! 

Our planet, your dogs and our team will thank you! 

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