Buster Boy Mats

We are partnering with Buster Boy to bring you these fabulous mats that keep your car clean! 

Why this Mat is so great

  • Keeps your dog safe by giving him a secure footing
  • Keeps your car seats clean and protected from dirt, paw prints and nail scratches
  • Installs in seconds, simply place it on your seat! To put away just roll it up and stow it under your seat giving your passenger a clean seat to sit on
  • It's water resistant to keep your seat dry
  • It can easily be rinsed to remove dirt and hair
  • It's made with bacteria resistant fabrics
  • Best of all, it's made in the U.S.A.

How to Use Buster Boy Mat

Buster Boy Mats are made with a top surface that has traction for dogs nails to grip while the under side of the mat has a non-slip surface so the mat itself never slips or moves on the seat.

Buster Boy Mats easily roll up and secure with a hook and loop fastener. Rolling and unrolling the mat is quick and easy, and your seat will always be ready for your pet or your passenger instantly!

Buster Boy Mats make your car trips more fun for you, your friends and your pup.


Where can I buy a Buster Boy mat?
Buster Boy mats are available at busterboymats.com, on Amazon and at select retail stores in the Seattle area.

What sizes do they come in?
Buster Boy mats come in two sizes: the dimensions for an individual car passenger seat are 19 inches by 21 inches. For a regular rear seat, the dimensions are 21 inches wide and 58 inches long, recommended for most cars, small trucks, and regular size SUVs.

What colors are available?
Buster Boy mats are currently available in deep blue and slate black.

How do I wash my Buster Boy mat?
Buster Boy mats are surface washable. Simply wipe them off with a wet cloth or they may be quickly rinsed in a sink or tub, but should not be washed in a washing machine. They should be air dried only.

How does the Buster Boy mat work?
Buster Boy mats have a non-slip under surface that keeps the mat from moving around the car seat as you turn or brake. Our design allows pets to have traction on the mat so that they don’t lose their footing like they normally do on slippery leather or cloth car seats.

Learn More and Buy Here: https://www.busterboymats.com

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